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By now, everyone knows the Japanese game sudoku, that numerical puzzle consisting of a board of nine squares, all blank, that you have to fill in with the correct missing numbers, which can't repeat in the same row or the same column.

Well, WareSoft Sudoku has more than a million puzzles so you don't have to keep buying two-for-one sudoku books at the Dollar General. Instead, you'll have them all on your PC to play any time you want.

This version also has three different difficulty levels so you can challenge yourself accordingly, but if you're a real sudoku fiend, you'll likely want the hardest level.

The WareSoft Sudoku interface only includes what's necessary: a timer so you can know how long it takes you to complete a game, the difficulty levels, and the ability to solve, quit, or consult your own progress.

Now, with WareSoft Sudoku, you can enjoy Sudoku more than ever.
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